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Brand and Website Development for Sports Financing Startup

Disclaimer: This project is currently in progress, and all information, images, and materials displayed are for demonstration purposes only. The content is subject to change and may not reflect the final outcome. Please note that this project is not yet complete, and any information shared is for illustrative purposes only.

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Graphic Designer, UI/UX Designer


Illustrator, Figma, Photoshop

Time frame

3 weeks





Project Goals

  • Communicate Sportscap's experience, professionalism and vision in a minimalistic and straightforward manner that is accessible to all user types. 

  • Create a brand identity that reflected the professionalism and essence of the company

  • Redesign exisiting assets to reflect the above

Target Audience

  • Prospective and current clients

Content Requirements: 

  • Logo redesign

  • Website that includes: 

    • Contact information​

    • Basic description of SportsCap and its services

    • Statistics/Goals

    • Display team members


Brand Identity

Website Wireframe

Brand Identity Development

The first step was to create a cohesive brand identity for SportsCap. The client came to me with an already existing logo that was strong in concept but would not fare well when resizing and used in different contexts. I slightly refined the design, to clarify the message and modernize it.

I developed a color palette that translates the warmer energy of sports (blue and green) with the professionalism of financial services (grayer tones), creating a unique visual identity that reflects the brand's fusion.

Frame 1 (2)_edited.jpg
Frame 2_edited.jpg
Frame 3_edited_edited.jpg

Website Wireframe

The wireframe was made to create a rough guide of what was needed for the final product. After analyzing with the client and cross-referencing with competitors, some excess information was trimmed and reduced into the home screen. It was decided the focus for this project was not to overbuild but to communicate concisely and convincingly. 

MacBook Air - 1_edited.jpg


High Fidelity Prototype
Next Steps

High Fidelity Prototype

The final prototype was designed to communicate the information in a visually appealing yet trustworthy way through the brand identity, key asset communication and a minimalistic approach. It was noted that many competitor's websites were repetitive and overbuilt, so for this project it was a focus to be concise and efficient.

Home Page_edited.jpg

Next Steps

As the project is still in progress and the company is just starting up, the website is still in development. I plan to use Webflow to build the website out and create dynamic animations and website architecture.

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