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my experience

Hi, I'm Nadia, a Chilean-American freelance product designer based in Sydney, Australia. With a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a masters in interaction design from UTS and 4 years experience in industrial design, I leverage user research, testing, and lean design processes to drive my work. I'm passionate about crafting intuitive products and bringing their identities to life through color, graphic identities and and user based insights. 

My professional journey started at Bower Studios, a small Brooklyn-based design studio where I interned worked post graduation and experienced an array of roles including junior designer, production assistant, and marketing coordinator. After spending a year and a half there, I transitioned to West Elm as a design assistant, where I played a pivotal role in several product categories and supported my managers in design processes and worked closely with my cross-functional partners to accomplish business goals. Over my time at West Elm, I evolved into a key contributor to the baby/kids design team, gaining an in-depth understanding of the ideation, design, and development processes. 

At the moment, I am freelancing as a furniture/product designer while exploring other fields of design. In my freelancing career, I've focused on collaborating with clients who are passionate about creating quality products.


my goals


As I near the completion of my Master's in Interaction Design at UTS, my goal is to leverage my skills and knowledge to transition into a digital product design role. I'm eager to apply my passion for human-centered design to create innovative solutions that improve lives and drive social impact. My career shift is motivated by a desire to utilize my abilities in a field that aligns with my values and offers opportunities to make a meaningful difference.

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